Zombistein heromachine reference art


The mysterious Zombistein was once an ordinary teenager named Adam Dunwich; who was just trying to survive highschool and fan his obsession with horror movies and Pro Wrestling. One day he met the mysterious Victoria Stein who unbeknownest to him, was the great great great granddaughter of the infamous Dr. Frankenstein. They started a relationship and everything was going well... Until a mysterious monster attacked Victoria, who with the assistance of her  caretaker Ingrid; fought to stop it from attacking more people. 

The monster grabbed a bus and threw it at Victoria; Ingrid did not have time to save her, so Adam dove in front and pushed Victoria out of the way; though he was crushed in the process.

Victoria didn't want to lose him, so using the techniques her ancestor used which was a mixture of science and her own knowledge of arcane magic , she brought him back to life. He is now her guardian from a mysterious group of people known as "The Hunters" who seek to destroy all supernatural monsters; as well as the various beasts that attack the city.


Super Strength, can put himself back together if a limb is removed, electrical powers (his heart is powered by electrical currents.) And his knowledge of wrestling moves.

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