Zhia vs Vora

Zhia fighting with Vora, Princess of the Skies. Art by CDMalcolm1.

Zhia is a villain character created by Ave Messer.

She is a centaur from another dimension and a member of the intolerant fundamentalist Christian team called Seraphim.

History Edit

Zhia and Seraphim were amongst a horde of villains hired from multiple dimensions to crash a same-sex wedding taking place in the HUniverse. She was defeated by Vora, Princess of the Skies.

Powers Edit

Zhia is a four-armed centaur. Her arms posess superhuman strength, She can run at the speed of a horse and she is skilled in the use of a spear and her tribe's ceremonial whip.

Appearances Edit

Heroes Alliance #7: What you Believe

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