Victoria Frankenstein hermachine reference art


Victoria was often picked on because of her last name; being that is was related to the infamous Frankenstein of famous legend. And she didn't have many friends; that is until she transfered to a new school and met Adam Dunwich who actually talked to her and became her closest friend; and boyfriend.

Life was good, until  a mysterious monster attacked Victoria, who with the assistance of her  caretaker Ingrid; fought to stop it from attacking more people. 

The monster grabbed a bus and threw it at Victoria; Ingrid did not have time to save her, so Adam dove in front and pushed Victoria out of the way; though he was crushed in the process.

Not wanting to lose the only friend she had; she decided to do something drastic and brough him back to life through the use of medical science and magic. Now she and Adam fight to stop more monsters from attacking their city.


Knowledge of Arcane rituals, science and anatomy.


She has a maniacal laugh which Adam finds cute, but it embarasses her.

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