Okay, so far I have permission to use art from:

  • Abt_Nihil [New]
  • Blue Jay
  • Brad
  • cdmalcolm (would like to be advised of how his art is used)
  • fukujinzuke [Obtained by both Macattack and Irrevenant]
  • Genejoke
  • Hero
  • Ironhand
  • Josh Holley
  • Jules (on DeviantArt)
  • LegacyHero
  • literacysuks1 [Obtained by Macattack]
  • LustyJin (on DeviantArt)
  • Mr Hades
  • Nepath

I've sent PQs to the following artists and am waiting on hearing back:

  • MonkeyMafia
  • Tempest_Lavalle

Macattack Says:

I'll ask Tempest when I see her online next. I've already gotten permission when I started this from Literacy and Fukujinzuke... MonkeyMafia may be harder as I don't think they've been active for years now

Irrevenant Says:

I'm pretty much just updating this as I go. I may even get organised and bulk PQ people at some point. But I doubt it...

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