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    April 15, 2012 by Irrevenant

    Still trying to figure out how to make best use of categories. Especially categories where the same term can apply to multiple things.

    For example, there's a "Heroes Unite" category. Should the page for "EGO" go in the "Heroes Unite" category because he's in the Heroes Unite series even though he's not in the Heroes Unite team? (And don't even get me started on whether he warrants the "Villain" tag or not...)

    Looking into Subcategories. If they work a lot of this goes away.

    And if there ARE subcategories, I'd like to make major use of them. I'm thinking categories for which issue a character appears in, who's rogues gallery they're an enemy of, etc. etc.

    Smeh. Let me think about this.

    Okay, so here's what I'm thinking:

    • Character
      • Hero
      • Villain
    • Creator
      • Ar…
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  • Irrevenant

    Reminder: Some of the pictures have credit and others don't.

    Add credit to all pictures, both the picture themselves and where they are used in an article.

    P.S. This is probably not how blog posts are meant to be used, but smeh...

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    Okay, so far I have permission to use art from:

    • Abt_Nihil [New]
    • Blue Jay
    • Brad
    • cdmalcolm (would like to be advised of how his art is used)
    • fukujinzuke [Obtained by both Macattack and Irrevenant]
    • Genejoke
    • Hero
    • Ironhand
    • Josh Holley
    • Jules (on DeviantArt)
    • LegacyHero
    • literacysuks1 [Obtained by Macattack]
    • LustyJin (on DeviantArt)
    • Mr Hades
    • Nepath

    I've sent PQs to the following artists and am waiting on hearing back:

    • MonkeyMafia
    • Tempest_Lavalle

    Macattack Says:

    I'll ask Tempest when I see her online next. I've already gotten permission when I started this from Literacy and Fukujinzuke... MonkeyMafia may be harder as I don't think they've been active for years now

    Irrevenant Says:

    I'm pretty much just updating this as I go. I may even get organised and bulk PQ people at s…

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    First blog post

    April 9, 2012 by Irrevenant

    Okay, new here and it's kind of overwhelming how much needs to be done. Just adding one character and one picture at a time.

    I've gotten blanket approval from Nepath to use his art for the wiki, and I'm currently waiting back on hearing from Hero and Fukujinzuke.

    I wonder if it's worth establishing some page(s?) on the timeline of the HUniverse? Especially with Stormfront about to hit us, I'm thinking it could be important...

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