Thomas Finn and U.N.C.A. S.A.M

Thomas Finn riding on the shoulder of U.N.C.A. S.A.M. as they engage an F22 fighter jet. Art by LiteracySuks1.

U.N.C.A. S.A.M. is a giant robot, directed by a young boy called Thomas Finn who rides on the robot's shoulder. The character of U.N.C.A. S.A.M. was created by Abt_Nihil.


In times of crisis, U.N.C.A. S.A.M. launches from his secret launching pad beneath a swimming pool in front of the Washington Needle.

General Lohman of the US military called Thomas when the rogue satellite EGO was attempting to destroy New York. When EGO's initial attempt to destroy the city using missiles was blocked by the Heroes Unite team, EGO hijacked two F22s instead.

U.N.C.A. S.A.M. was able to stop the jets with minimal destruction. However, when it flew into space to confront EGO, EGO destroyed U.N.C.A. S.A.M. with its laser cannon. Heroes Unite worked on containing the wreckage of U.N.C.A. S.A.M. to prevent his nuclear core detonate and create an EMP that would disrupt the entire western hemisphere. They were successful, but knocked unconscious when U.N.C.A. S.A.M. exploded.

U.N.C.A. S.A.M

U.N.C.A. S.A.M. crushing an F22 jet in his hand. Art by LiteracySuks1.

The Blue Beacon talked EGO down from his aggressive posture, then he gifted the satellite with U.N.C.A. S.A.M's nuclear core. EGO used this new power source to head into space to explore the skies and contemplate.

It is unclear whether a new U.N.C.A. S.A.M. will be built.


The massive robot was powerful enough to crush a jet fighter in its oversized hand and resilient enough to resist the F22's guns with minimal damage. U.N.C.A. S.A.M. is also armed with shoulder-mounted machine guns.  It was also capable of rocket-propelled flight into orbit.

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