Ty by Nepath

Ty. Art by Nepath.

Ty is an alien bounty hunter created by Spudsy.


Deuce failed to defeat Energize, Tazer, Hellfire, Bombshell and Acrobat (in the incident that would lead to the formation of Heroes Unite). This led to the aliens responsible for that assault realising Energize's massive power levels and sending Ty to capture him.

Ty was successful in capturing Energize in a specially created entrapment sphere, but Energize was freed by the combined efforts of Comet Kid and Plot Twist.  Energize sealed Ty in his own entrapment sphere, launched him into space and destroyed the alien craft.

Discontinuity: After the original Energize, Michael Callahan, died in battle against the Stormfront, Ty reappeared.  He abducted the Energize entity's new host, Lucy, along with two of her classmates. Note: This event does not take place in the HUniverse, but rather in the spinoff setting called the Fracture Universe.  This series was discontinued partway through the first issue and there will be a new Energize series launching soon.


Ty is athletic and a skilled hand to hand combatant as well as having access to advanced alien technology.  He is tough enough to survive a powerful attack by Comet Kid but mostly relies on his agility to avoid being hit in the first place.

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