History Edit

Splatulator heromachine reference art

Joe Browski was once your everyday fry cook at the local diner in Annual City, where most of his days were filled with the smell of grease and filling the stomachs of customers and travelers from all walks of life. One day a homeless man walked into the diner, begging for a meal, the Owner wanted to kick the man out and sadly Joe had to but not before he made the homeless man a burger for him to eat before he left. When the homeless man ate it, he magically turned into the god of wine and feasting known as Dionysus. To thank him for his kindness he created a weapon worthy of a hero and urged him off to fight against hunger. And so Joe Browski became the Legendary Frycook known as The Spatulator.

Powers Edit

Uses food in different ways.

Ex. Pancake shield

Uses food to heal and give stamina.

Magical Spatula- A spatula that can change its shape into either normal size or a giant one to wield in combat.

First Appearence Edit

Heroes Alliance Issue #7 "What you Believe"

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