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The Heroes Unite team. From left-to-right: Arsenal, H-Bomb, Mercenary, Angelblood with Tazer in the bottom-right corner. (New Form is absent from the picture). Art by Nepath. Uploaded with permission of the artist.

The Heroes Unite is the informal name for the team of heroes remaining after the dissolution of the Heroes Unite Initiative. This new Heroes Unite team are currently attempting to protect New Rossco City from an assault by Hell and his army in the The Heroes Unite: Aftermath story arc.

Note: This team is no longer in continuity.  The revised version of this story arc can be found in The New Guard.

Team MembersEdit

Inactive MembersEdit

  • Phenomenon (deceased)
  • Prodigy (may or may not officially be a team member, currently injured and recovering)

Appearances (as a team)Edit

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