Cronos by Nepath

Cronos fighting Poseiden, Hades and Zeus. Art by Nepath.

Cronos was an ancient Titan and is now the source of power behind the hero Energize.


Destruction and rebirthEdit

Cronos was king of the titans and ruler of the ancient universe. He was ultimately overthrown and defeated by his three sons, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. The three sons used an Elder Gods device known as the Destroyer Of Gods (a.k.a The Black Dawn) to destroy Cronos.

However, he was not completely destroyed and a small particle survived the detonation. This particle was blasted beyond its universe of origin (now the HUniverse) and found itself in the space between the multiverse. There it reached out and attached to the multiverse and drew power from all life in the multiverse.

The Energize by Nepath

The Energize and Angelblood. Art by Nepath.

The EnergizeEdit

Over time the particle repaired itself and grew into a new and ultimately more powerful Titan god; no longer considered to be Cronos, this Titan named itself The Energize as it is energized and powered by the existence of life.

The Energize always had a stronger connection to its original universe and gifted an alien race that had become spiritually advanced enough that they were aware of him. It is through this connection and a freak accident on Earth that The Energize found itself bound to the human host body - Michael Callahan.

Initially the personas of Callahan and Quinn kept The Energize contained and limited his powers, but after the intervention of the Angelblood Gaea, Quinn was removed from the equation and Mike Callahan bonded directly with the Energize to become one.

The result was the hero Energize assuming full control of his limitless powers.

When Energize was exposed to the Black Dawn Cronos was again dissipated but not destroyed. Michael Callahan was unfortunately killed.


Prior to his destruction, Cronos was King of the Titans and a very powerful being. As The Energize, Cronos is empowered by all life in the multiverse and his powers are essentially limitless.

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