The Ecotist, Eric Tillsdale, was found to be repairing damaged landmarks made of natural materials by a
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The Ecotist confronting Crime Warp

reconnaissance team of Shell, Comet Kid, Blue Jay and Vora. Being a big superhero fan himself, he offered to accompany them in locating the culprit. Unfortunately, an incident at a family restaurant showed him to be far too extreme in punishing people who commited crimes against nature, leading him to attack the fleeing civilians and wait staff until said reconnaissance team managed to knock him unconscious long enough for the authorities to arrive and detain him.


The Ecotist boast powers over matter vegetable, animal and mineral demonstrated by causing tremors that damaged a restaurant, causing a expidited natural growth of vines to overtake it and summoning wolves to aid him in battle. In addition, he is able to fly as well as sense strong disturbances in nature.


Heroes Alliance #5

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