Tech and Comet Kid

Tech (left) and Comet Kid. Art by HERO.

Tech is the name of two characters Created by Hero associated with Comet Kid and the group of heroes known as the Young Guard.


Tech IEdit

The first Tech was Gotham Akim, son of the hero known as Thunder-Cat and Crown Prince of an African nation known as Shairi. After an attempted coup in Shairi, Gotham was sent to Red Rock Canyon, Arizona, placed under the protective care of the Superhero The Black Knight and became the Black Knight's sidekick Tech.

After a falling out with the Black Knight, Tech became a member of the Young Guard.

Tech aided Heroes Unite in sieging Motherboard's lair durring the Ego Crisis with his classmate and friend Blitz.

When Gotham inherited inherited his father's powers he adopted the new identity of Thunder-Cat Jr.

Tech IIEdit

When Gotham adopted the role of Thunder-Cat Jr. persona, his old identy of Tech was assumed by his younger cousin Hendrix Johnson, a highly trained martial artist, musician and amateur detective.


Tech II and Thunder-Cat Jr

The second Tech (left) and Thunder-Cat Jr. Art by HERO.

As Tech, Gotham maintained peak physical condition in strength, speed and Agility. He supplimented his skill with smoke-bombs, T-Shaped shuriuken and computer hacking equipment.

As Thunder-Cat Jr., Gotham posesses Cat-Like reflexes and agility, along with limited weather manipulation abillites. Most notable among them, the abillity to generate lightning.

The new Tech is a skilled detective and martial artist.  He is also armed with a number of gadgets including knockout gas capsules.


Comet Kid

Heroes Unite

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