Tarantula Hawk


Jessica Bradshaw was the only child of a world famous robotics engineer and arms dealer named Marxus Bradshaw; who made most of his fortune selling upgraded weapons to the military.

He had gotten ahold of Masao Kimura's design for SHELL and decided to make a more light weight version that could be used for stealthy missions; Being a fan of insects; he designed it after the Tarantula Hawk; a dangerous wasp that paralyzes tarantulas and lets her children slowly consume it alive.

Jessica became the test subject for the suit; and during the initial test run, their home was attacked by a mysterious merc group, who killed her father and then tried to blow the base up. She managed to escape with the suit.

She now travels as a Merc to try and discover their employers identity and to take revenge upon them.


Enhanced Speed, camoflouge, she has electrical blasters in her hands that can shock a foe into submission, she has a plasma/light flight system that looks like wasp wings that allow her to fly.

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