SolarCell The BBW Hero

SolarCell Is a Demi God Named Ina, AKA Erica. She is one of the 6 daughters of the Sin Gluttony.

How She currently finds herself making her way to the HUniverse involuntary with her greatest foe, DarkBeauty:

Forced to the HUniverse by a Character outside the HUniverse named Voltfor, (created by CD Malcolm.) Voltfor discovered a particle that affects memory outside his universe. He used it on both SolarCell and DarkBeauty before vanishing them to the HUniverse. So both of them have Amnesia; kind of like starting anew according to Voltfor. Her powers now becomes unstable and hard to control for Ina. As Ina's story continues, she finds herself in the hands of Wireless when she and DarkBeauty fell onto Canadian soil. Wireless tries to help out Darkbeauty but she forcefully pushes Wireless away and runs off into the heavy dense Canadian Forest. Wireless cautiously walks up to an awakening Ina, who was not so aggressive, and helps her to her feet. He had HUB contact Bombshell to get Ina out of the country Canada to the United States.  

How SolarCell Got her Name(s): In her Native Universe, she is known as Ina. The fact that she was vanished to the HA/HUniverse, she does not remember anything about herself. Due to that fact, her power was so unstable and dangerous, Bombshell had her contained. Bombshell then had Shell try and understand her powers. After a few days, Shell discovered that she absorbs lights, gets bigger and discharges highly charged particles just like the solar flares from a dying red giant star, only much, much smaller. Shell explains it to Bombshell while Ina listens to the conversation about how her powers works. Ina then named herself, "SolarCell".

How she got the Name Erica: Shell and Bombshell came up with a plan for Solarell and her discharges and mange to keep it under control. This results in her leaving HA HQ to be looked after by RoofRat. After hanging around Roofrat, RoofRat has giving her the name Erica when they hang out outside of HA HQ. She Questioned it at first but decided to keep it because she still does not know, at this time, what her real name is.

Image Created by Dynasty Warriors 8 Empire Character Editor. Alternative Design.

Art By CD Malcolm Edit
Publication Information
First Appearance SolarCell The BBW Hero on The Duck Webcomics
Owner CD Malcolm
Created By CD Malcolm

Character Information

Real Name Ina
Given Name Erica
Hero Name SolarCell
Gender Female
Ethnicity White
Place of birth Unknown
Age 20,215
Eyes Cyan
Hair Orange
Height 5' 10"
Weight Classes (Min. 135 lbs for only 4 minutes. She don't like doing this.)

Normal. 235 lbs.

Max. 535 lbs

Team affiliation Heroes Alliance


Energy Projection 5
Intelligance 3
Strength 4
Agility 3
Speed 6
Durability 5
Fighting Ability 2
Mental Power 1
Stamina 7

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