Sea Embers (Henry Lindsay) is a villain character created by Ave Messer.

Sea Embers vs SHELL (Spatulator, Imp and Heremod in the background)

Sea Embers attacking SHELL. Imp, Heremod and the Spatulator fighting in the background. Art by Fukujinzuke.

Sea Embers is a fundamentalist Christian who sees himself as a chosen one to wipe the evils of sin from the earth. He believes those with powers to be either angels of god or demons of Satan.

He is leader of the Seraphim.

History Edit

Sea Embers and the Seraphim were amongst a horde of villains hired from multiple dimensions to crash a same-sex wedding taking place in the HUniverse. He was inadvertently defeated by an attack from Wireless intended for Shock.

Powers Edit

Sea Embers has both pyrokinetic and hydrokinetic powers.

Appearances Edit

Heroes Alliance #7: What you Believe

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