The HUniverse is a big place.  Fortunately (unlike some other comic events) HUniverse stories are written so you don't need to read everything to understand what's going on.

However, if you do want to, this is a guide to reading HUniverse titles in the order that makes most sense.

Time Comic Reason
Pre-Heroes Unite #1

Hellfire  (sadly no longer available)

Introduction of Hellfire

Acrobat - Issue #1

Introduction of Acrobat
Energize Series 1 - Issues #1-3 Introduction of Energize
Heroes Unite #1 Heroes Unite - Issue #1 Introduction of Heroes Unite
Pre-Heroes Unite: Cavalry Bombshell - Issue #0 More about Bombshell

From Comet Kid: Team Players to Comet Kid: Shooting Stars

Introduction and Origin of Comet Kid
Acrobat - Issue #2 to Acrobat: Plot Twist and Tech Introduction of Plot Twist
Heroes Unite: Cavalry Heroes Unite: Cavalry

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