Kranov heromachine reference art



Professor Henrik Kranov was once a Russian scientist, who much like those before him tried to create "Beast Men" who would be the perfect soldiers for the Union. When the Union collapsed he went into hiding but continued his experiments on a deserted island somewhere near Hawaii. It was there where he experimented on locals and teenagers who wandered to deep into his area; using a DNA ray gun which would mutate people into monstrous hybrids.

Becoming ChimeraEdit


When Power Patriot was still around, he actually fought against Professor Kranov on his deserted island against his fabled "Beast Men" when it seemed he was defeated, the professor injected himself with a high dose of his experiment serum which turned his body into a horrendous amalgamation

of various beasts, it was there that Kranov died and "Chimera" was born.  As the lab itself burned down, Patriot assumed he had perished and left, but...perhaps he had survived?


A cunning and intellectual mind, even with in Chimera's body.

As Chimera he has incredible strength and is able to utilize animal senses and abilities.

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