Prodigy is a character by Spudsy.

Prodigy and Energize

Prodigy attempts to apprehend Energize. Art by Nepath.

History Edit

Prodigy was a member of the Heroes Unite Initiative (HUI). He and Phenomenon were pursuing the villain Photon when they encountered Energize striking back at the HUI. Energize rendered Prodigy and Phenomenon (and many other HUI heroes) comatose during this offensive.

Once the coma was lifted, Prodigy was one of the HUI heroes who attempted to come to the HU Commander's aid during the end events of Energize: Hunted but were held at bay by Heroes Alliance. Prodigy was overcome and rendered unconscious by Peligroso.

Power Edit

Prodigy is inhumanly strong, fast and tough and has the ability to "hit like a Rhino".

Appearances Edit

Energize: Hunted

Heroes Alliance #6

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