Powered Fist is a punk music group that after playing in an abandoned nuclear building, bec
Powered Fist Logo
ame irradiated by a strange blast and became a musical super hero group.

Singer- Sasha "Princess" Banks became the Atomic Princess with super strength and almost invulnerable body.

Guitarist- Steven Marshstone became the Electric Rebel with amazing electric powers

Bassist- Inks became the Tattoo with the ability to use his tattoos as a weapon

Drummer- Jimmy became the party animal known as Punkasaurus Rex

History Edit

The band itself became fairly popular in the Punk scene with their rambunctious ways and love of performing at strange places. During a live performance at an abandoned Nuclear building, they were blasted with radioactive material and upon that contact they were transformed into super humans.

After that they decided to continue their tour and in turn fight crime

This is the In your face, knock out the baddies group known as Powered Fist!!!

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