Machineinmensch heromachine reference art

Gustav Rasps was once an ordinary scientist in an alternate future that was able to augment humans with cybernetic parts and organs, allowing many to live through diseases and able to live full lives with new body parts. He was labeled a great scientific hero; but his pride and arrogance put many off as well as his talk of "Cyborgs are the next phase of human evolution, which robot bodies; man would become conquerors of Providence." Eventually he fell out of favor when it was discovered by Hiro (the creator of Atomico) that while his robotic parts were effective, many of those whom he experimented on; only a few survived the experiments; the others died horribly. He was then labeled a madman and stricken from the Scientific community. In a desperate struggle between him and Hiro, he was caught in an explosion which burned him severely. In constant pain; he soon went mad and turned himself into a Machine Man. He now wishes to destroy the past and rule it as a god.


Enhanced strength, a insane but brilliant mind.

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