Lady Ghost vs Bombshell by Fukujinzuke, Shell 02-07

Lady Ghost (left) fighting Bombshell (right). Art by Fukujinzuke.

Lady Ghost is a superhuman mercenary for hire.  She was created by Lusty_Jin.


SHELL and Bombshell first encountered Lady Ghost when she was hired as a bodyguard by an Admiral of the Japanese Maritime Defence Force.  The admiral was involved in the purchase of a bio-weapon.  She was defeated and taken into custody by Bombshell, but later escaped.

Her origins are unknown.  Her pointed ears and reference to state-of-the-art Heroes Unite technology as "primitive toys" suggest an alien or futuristic origin. 


Lady Ghost is inhumanly agile and tough.  Her preferred weapons are a pair of pistols with adjustable settings including rapid fire, explosive and 'Shiva mode' which fires freezing rounds. 




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