Chris Heath, known as Ironhand on the web, has contributed both stories and art to Heroes Unite, Heroes Alliance and Heroes Unite Adventures during his time on The Duck. He is currently working on The New Guard and The Bujin. Both these comics exist in the HUniverse. Other comics outside the HUniverse by Chris are still in production and are being worked on "behind the scenes."

Writing Contributions Edit

  • Heroes Alliance #8 - Shinobi
  • Heroes Alliance #9 - (Script of Act 2 and Act 3, co-plotted with SUX and Abt Nihil respectively)
  • Heroes Alliance #11 - (Co-Plotted with Abt Nihil)
  • Heroes Alliance #12 - (Script, co-plotted with Abt Nihil)
  • The New Guard (Ongoing)
  • The Bujin (Ongoing)

Characters in The HUniverse Edit

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