INA From The HUniverse Edit

Not to be confused with Ina known as both Erica and SolarCell. This Ina is from this universe. She has been well hidden for thousands of years feeding the Vices of everyones' weaknesses. Since there is no one to hold her back, she is free to do what ever she likes. Up until now.

Ina is upset that another has stepped into her territory. Even thought SolarCell has done nothing wrong, Ina Feels another version of herself on the earth will take away from her joy of bringing about peoples vices. So she seeks out SolarCell and tries to kill her to gain more power. During her Battle with SolarCell, She finds that it is very hard to kill SolarCell. Ina gets aggravated and uses all her might in a final blow in hopes that she can finally destroy SolarCell. SolarCell was on deaths door until she finally bust over the ocean with the force of 10 nuclear warheads going off at the same time. Doing this Ina was nearly killed and backed off very hurt.

INA HAUniverse-3
Ina is Free to use so long as you don't kill her off. Please Send a Note to cdmalcolm that you are using her for your story.
Art By CD Malcolm Edit

Publication Information

First Appearance SolarCell The BBW Hero on The Duck Webcomics
Owner CD Malcolm
Created By CD Malcolm

Character Information

Real Name Ina
Given Name Indulgancia
Hero Name None
Gender Female
Ethnicity Black
Place of birth Unknown
Age 20,215
Eyes Red Orange
Hair Black
Height 5' 10"
Weight Classes (Min. 135 lbs for only 4 minutes. She don't like doing this.)

Normal. 235 lbs.

Max. 350 lbs

Team affiliation None


Energy Projection 5

Intelligance 3

Strength 4

Agility 3

Speed 6

Durability 5

Fighting Ability 2

Mental Power 1

Stamina 7

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