Icebox by Abt Nihil

Icebox. Art by Abt_Nihil.

Icebox is a villain and a member of the Delegation of Hurt. Icebox (and the rest of the Delegation of Hurt) were created by Hero.


Icebox first came to the attention of Heroes Alliance as part of a horde of Metahuman supremacists. In this encounter, Icebox and the rest of the Delegation of Hurt were single-handedly taken down by Kaleidoskop Jr.

Icebox and the Delegation later appeared again as a minion of Crime Warp. After their previous defeat they had trained to become more competent combatants and Icebox was now armed with a deadly automatic weapon.

This time it took the combined efforts of Azumorph, Bombshell, Bleeder and Relik to defeat them.


Icebox has all the powers of your average mini-fridge: keeping perishable food items cold with his adjustable settings, creating regular sized inch by half-inch ice cubes for consumption in drinks; and, all the amazing powers of a man: general mobility, the intelligence and strength of an average man in his 20's. He's also a proficient marksman and is an expert in jewelry restoration.


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