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The original Heroes Unite team: (From top left) Tazer, Energize, Hellfire, Bombshell, Acrobat. Art by Nepath.

Heroes Unite is the first, self-titled story-arc of the Heroes Unite series.

Heroes Unite is the first major effort at combining some of Drunk Duck's major heroes together in a group project. It features Acrobat (by Literacysuks1), Energize (by Nepath), Hellfire (by MonkeyMafia) and two new characters, Bombshell (by Abt_Nihil) and Tazer (by Spudsy).

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When Deuce attacked, Hellfire tried to stop him but found himself outmatched by the powerful alien warrior. Fortunately other heroes heard of the fight on the radio and rallied to the call. When Energize arrived, he confidently engaged Deuce despite Hellfire's warnings to avoid contact, and was shocked when the creature duplicated his own powers and turned them against him. Next to arrive was Acrobat who found himself out of his league against Deuce, and would potentially have been killed if not for the arrival of Tazer and a last-minute save.

Deuce abruptly left and Bombshell presented herself to the assembled heroes. She explained her deductions: Deuce had attacked with the goal of sampling their powers using genetic sampling technology in its gloves. He was leaving now that he had obtained them. She outlined a plan to stop the creature, utilising Acrobat.

The heroes pursued Deuce, faring no better against him than before. But this time, their attack was a distraction, allowing Acrobat to get in close to Deuce and engaging both of his genetic sampling devices at once, sampling: Acrobat's ordinary human DNA. The assembled heroes made short work of Deuce once his powers were removed. They retrieved and destroyed the genetic samples he had taken and, upon discovering an explosive device, flung him into the sky where he detonated.




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