This issue crosses over with the events of Energize: Hunted.

Opening QuoteEdit

"Heroes Unite... The concept seemed simple enough... Individuals with extraordinary powers using them for the good of mankind... Uniting to form an alliance in order to rid the world of evil... Or at least, so I had thought".


Heroes Unite Commander Natasha Lawler crossed the line, exceeding her authority in her obsessive attempts to apprehend the fugitive hero Energize.  As Natasha apprehended Energize with the goal of using the god-destroying super-weapon Black Dawn upon him, she was relieved of authority by her father Colonel Franklin Lawler who dispatched a team commanded by Tazer to deal with the situation.

Meanwhile, Natasha continued her pursuit of Energize, and Nemesis used his power to become the perfect foe on Energize.  This resulted in his transformation into the world-threatening menace known as Stormfront.

Energize and Colonel Franklin Lawler's team faced off against Stormfront.

See: Energize: Hunted


When Heroes Alliance learned of Energize's capture and transfer to the Black Dawn facility and of Natasha's being relieved of duty Bombshell dispatched Heroes Alliance.

Upon reaching the area, Heroes Alliance encountered a number of Heroes Unite members still operating under Natasha's command. HU were reluctantly engaged by the HU forces and responded, resulting in a massive four-way brawl.  Bombshell ordered HA to keep the HU members busy and prevent them from coming to Natasha's aid while Tazer confronted her.

Bombshell encountered Energize who bid her farewell and left her a gift of "Fire.  An unstoppable force that cannot be corrupted.  Use it when you need it the most.".

While the Heroes Alliance team mostly succeeded in defeating their HU opposition, Bombshell directed Relik to use his suit to patch Natasha's comms through to all HU members.

As a result, when Natasha finally broke down and confessed to Tazer that things had gotten out of control, all of HU heard it.  At this point Bombshell revealed to Natasha that she had fabricated evidence of a mole in HU and that she had leaked some intel that set the events of Heroes Alliance #1 and #2 in action.

Energize teleported all the heroes and civilians in the area to safety away from the impending detonation of the Black Dawn.

Following Energize's death, the Heroes Unite Initiative was officially disbanded.  Bombshell suggested to Tazer that he join Heroes Alliance.  He declined but told Bombshell to get in touch if she ever needed to.

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Heroes Alliance #6: Heroes Divided

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