As meta-supremists march through Berlin, killing a hero and causing chaos, heroes Peligroso and The Impractical Mr. Imp have their hands full trying to hold them off. It isn't until a new hero called Bleeder shows up that the battle is won.

Bombshell arrives and has a brief argument with Bleeder that is only interrupted when the murdered hero's sidekick, Kaleidoskop saves them from attack by a remaining meta-supremist. Kaleidoskop's spunky attitude quickly changes to one of grief and anger when she sees her former friend and mentor's dead corpse. As Kaleidoskop quickly deals with three misfit henchmen (the Delegation of Hurt), Bombshell tells Bleeder of a plot she had discovered involving a long dead demon Thrawn.

The young hero Blue Jay flies in telling that Thrawn has already returned and has attacked the German Foreign Minister at Berlin's Paris Square. The heroes attempt to fight the demon, however Bleeder points out that their are only two known ways to stop the demon. One would involve piercing the demon's heart with a holy spear and the other would involve a sacrifice. The Spear being impossible to get in time, Kaleidoskop volunteers to be the sacrifice. Their plans are interrupted however as the demon catches Bombshell in one of its tentacles. Thrawn engages Bombshell in conversation, attempting to corrupt her.

Bombshell radios Comet Kid back at base to teleport her away as far as he can, then throws her teleport beacon at the demon's chest.  Comet Kid locks onto Bombshell's beacon and sends it to Saturn, taking the demon's heart with it.

Separated from his heart the demon quickly crumbles into a dessicated corpse.

The story ends with Bombshell making a suspicious phone call and then giving Bleeder her own teleporter welcoming her to the Alliance.

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Heroes Alliance #3

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