Handsome and Ransom by Fukujinzuke

Handsome (left) and Ransom (right). Art by Fukujinzuke.

Handsome (Chris Sly) is a villainous henchman character created by Fukuzinzuke. She is partners with Ransom.

Since her appearance is quite androgynous, and has a preference for Armani suits, she is generally mistaken for a pretty young man.

History Edit

Chris Sly was left as a baby at a monastery in the Himalayas. Unable to leave the monastery and fearing for her safety, the monks raised her in the monastery, disguised as a boy, where she underwent martial arts training. Unfortunately, the Triad murdered the monks and abducted Chris. They smuggled her to the US along with a bunch of women being trafficked. This is when Chris first discovered her powers. When she arrived in Seattle she was inadvertently rescued by Ransom.

Handsome and Ransom now work for the Henchman Utility Group Service. In this capacity they were working for Ms Ari when she was defeated by Heroes Alliance.

Powers Edit

Handsome naturally exhales vapours that, when inhaled, render women unable to resist her. This effect seems to be neutralised by sugar in her mouth so she generally sucks on a lollipop when she wants to avoid deploying her power.

Appearances Edit

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