As in many comic universes, the timeline in the HUniverse is somewhat rubbery.  Events with a particular real-world historical context (for example, World War II) tend to be fixed, but as you get closer you get to present day, time becomes less linked to specific real-world years. (Think of Spider-Man having decades-worth of adventures whilst aging 2-3 years and you have the general idea).

Historical AgeEdit

A number of events occured throughout history that laid the foundation for the heroic age.

See: Detailed Timeline - Historical Age

Golden Age

The "Golden Age" covers a period prior to and following World War II.

Events of the Golden Age
When Event
1920s The first superheroes appear in the United States of America.

Power Patriot was active and fighting for the Allied forces against the Nazis.

Canada and many other countries gain heroes of their own.

Silver AgeEdit

The "Silver Age" covers the period leading up to the Modern Age.  It roughly covers the late fifties through to the mid-nineties.

Events of the Silver Age
When Event
Exocet arrives on Earth and becomes one of the world's premier heroes.
Blackhawk operates as an urban vigilante in New York City with his sidekick Kid Canary.

Modern AgeEdit

The "Modern Age" of superheroics is generally considered to have begun with the first public appearance of Energize.  Earth saw a significant rise in the number of superhumans during this period.

Major Events of the Modern Age
When Event
Before Year 1

Exocet takes Tazer on as his sidekick.

See also: Detailed Timeline - Before Year 1

Year 1 

Following the death of Blackhawk, Kid Canary takes on the new identity of Acrobat.

Energize makes his first public appearance.

Bombshell operates quietly in the shadows.

Deuce attacks Earth and is only defeated by Energize, Tazer, Bombshell and Acrobat working together.  This event becomes the nucleus of the UN-sponsored Heroes Unite Initiative.

Energize becomes a wanted fugitive.

See also: Detailed Timeline - Year 1

Year 2

The Heroes Unite Initiative pursue Energize.  In the resulting events Energize is killed and the Heroes Unite Initiative is dissolved.

Bombshell creates the independent Heroes Alliance while Tazer forms his own independent team of heroes, The New Guard.

See also: Detailed Timeline - Year 2

Year 3
Year 4
Year 5

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