HU Commander2 and B.A.S.S. and Arsenal

The Second Heroes Unite Commander (Col. Franklin Lawler) flanked by B.A.S.S. (left) and Arsenal (Right). Art by Nepath.

Colonel Franklin Lawler was in overall command of both the Heroes Unite Initiative and the Armoured Soldier Program. When the Heroes Unite Commander, his daughter Natasha Lawler, went renegade, he temporarily stepped into the role of Heroes Unite Commander himself.


The father of the first Heroes Unite Commander, Natasha Lawler, Franklin was responsible for drafting his daughter into the military. He selected her for her Black Ops team as well as placing her undercover with the UN Peacekeepers and her position as the HU Commander.

He is in overall control of both the Armoured Soldier Program and the Heroes Unite Initiative, and so when he discovered that his daughter had broken her orders and was acting rogue, he demoted her from her position and took the role of Commander himself and instructed a team led by Tazer to oppose her plans against Energize and relieve her of her position.

As a General, Lawler was in charge of Pyramid, making him responsible for; Heroes Unite Initiative, Armoured Soldier Program, R.I.S.E. and The Elmway Facility

General Lawler was killed by gunshot by the black suited Energize


Franklin Lawler is created and designed by Nepath and first mentioned in Heroes Unite: Chronicles - The Last Chapter by Alschroeder before making his debut appearance in Energize: Hunted.


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