H-Bomb and Timesweep

H-Bomb (left) and Timesweep (right) during the Energize: Hunted story arc

H-Bomb is a hero and a member of the Heroes Unite initiative.


Lilttle is known of the hero known as H-Bomb. He is one of the Heroes Unite team who confronted Energize during the events of the Energize: Hunted story arc and was easily defeated.

In the aftermath of Energize: Hunted, he is one of the heroes in the new The Heroes Unite team dedicated to liberating the besieged New Rossco City from Hell and his minions.


H-Bomb after Energize: Hunted in New Rossco City


H-Bomb's powers are unknown. Contrary to his name he has not been seen using any explosive powers. He has been seen forcing open the doors of an elevator to free the civilians trapped inside, suggesting a degree of superhuman strength.


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