FiberTech X Industries

FiberTech X Industries is a Japanese and American Co-own company that Specializes in a number of Robotics and Bio-Fibers. However, the company is owned by A Women named Miss Amaya IGARASHI.... Perception has assumed her Identity and currently owns most of the Shares in FiberTech X. Perception under the Identity of Miss Amaya Igarashi, controls the board of directors with the belief that everyone is living happy and fruitful lives. Like Perception's Board members, Perception has a lot of followers all over the place. If need be, Perception will meet people personally and convince them to do things towards Perceptions goals.

FiberTech X pushed out many military grade Robotics and Bio-fibers like super grade fire retardants, acid proof clothing, Deep sea Pressure fibers the becomes stronger the deeper it goes; and many more. Many of the tech allowed by FCC are in use for battling the likes of Metas and low level god types. Their goal is to equalize the playing fields for humans and Meta Humans.

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