Energize is the series about the eponymous hero Energize written and drawn by Heroes Unite founder Nepath.

The Energize series (especially the Energize: Hunted and Energize: Stormfront story arcs) are a key foundation stone of the Heroes Unite Universe.


Users Nepath comics Energize web 00218518

Energize Issue #1. Art by Nepath.


Main article: Energize

  • Energize Part 1
  • Energize Part 2
  • Energize Part 3
  • Energize Part 4
Users Nepath comics Energize web H4-C

Energize: Hunted Issue #4 Cover. Art by Nepath.

Energize: HuntedEdit

Main Article: Energize: Hunted

  • Hunted Part 1
  • Hunted Part 2
  • Hunted Part 3
  • Hunted Part 4 (current issue)

Energize: StormfrontEdit

Main Article: Energize: Stormfront

  • Energize: Stormfront (future issue)

The EnergizeEdit

Main Article: The Energize

  • The Energize Part 1 (future issue)

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