List of events of Year 2 Edit



Month 1

Heroes Alliance deal with Crime Warp who has been stealing famous landmarks. (Story:Heroes Alliance #5)

Month 2
Month 3 Suspected of the murders of both Chegwin and Misty O'Connell, Energize is hunted by the Heroes Unite Initiative (HUI). In the resulting events, Energize is killed and the HUI disbanded. (Story: Energize: Hunted)

Heroes Alliance becomes a separate team without UN or governmental support.

Tazer forms a separate independent team, the New Guard. (Story: The New Guard)

Month 4 Heroes Alliance get involved in defending a same-gender wedding from the powerful and hateful forces that would disrupt it. (Story: Heroes Alliance #7 - What you believe)
Month 5
Month 6 Heroes Alliancego to Japan to pursue the Baku with the aid of the Bujin. (Story:Heroes Alliance #8)
Month 7
Month 8 Heroes Alliance and R.I.S.E.separately head to Australia to deal with the rise of the Zombie Queen. (Story: Heroes Alliance #9)
Month 9 RISE send Bones to recruit or arrest Desperado (Story: Heroes Alliance #10: Fandango). SolarCell is exiled from her own universe, appears on HUniverse Earth and is found by Wireless (Story: SolarCell the BBW Hero).
Month 10
Month 11
Month 12

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