List of events of Year 1 Edit



Month 1 Energize's first public appearance.

Relik debuts. (Story: Relik #1-4)

Tech meets (the as yet unnamed) Comet Kid, Blitz and the three of them form the Young Guard in Arizona. (Story: Comet Kid #1)

Deuce attacks Earth and is only defeated by Energize, Tazer, Bombshell and Acrobat working together.  This event becomes the nucleus of the UN-sponsored Heroes Unite Initiative (HUI). (Story: Heroes Unite)

Month 2

Blue Jay takes part in the underground Mutant Clash fighting circuit. (Story: Blue Jay #1)

HUB of the Oz Stars makes contact with the solo hero Azumorph. (Story: Origin of Azumorph)

Comet Kid takes on that name. (Story: Comet Kid #2 - 'Shooting Stars')

On the first mission of the newly-formed HUI, Comet Kid, Energize and Plot Twist encounter the Bounty Hunter called Ty who is attempting to capture Energize. (Story: Heroes Unite: Cavalry)

Month 3

SHELL debuts. (Story: SHELL #1)

Vora's powers first manifest. (Story: Vora, Princess of the Skies) 

Saroth comes to Earth to find and kill Energize with the aid of Chegwin.  Energize defeats Saroth, but Chegwin vanishes and Energize becomes wanted by the authorities for his suspected murder. (Story: Energize (Issue #1-4))

The military satellite EGO goes rogue and a massive HUI force of 17 heroes is assembled to face them, including Vora. (Issue: Heroes Unite: EGO)

Month 4 Dasien and Comet Kid are involved in a massive multidimensional conflict against the villain known as the Smiling Man. (Series: Crossoverlord)
Month 5

SHELL joins the Heroes Unite Initiative. (Story: SHELL #6)

The Impractical Mr Imp joins the Heroes Unite Initiative in his debut as a hero against the menace known as Fury. (Story: Heroes Unite: Fury)

Month 6

The HUI face and defeat the villain Darkness , but in the process the HU Commander  is captured and affected by his power. (Story: Heroes Unite: The Darkness Within)

Bombshell forms the semi-independent team within the HUI that will later become known as Heroes Alliance.

The newly-formed Heroes Alliance team investigate and deal with a series of bombings across Europe. (Story: Heroes Alliance #1 and Heroes Alliance #2)

Month 7
Month 8 Johnny Goethe becomes the demon-powered biker known as Peligroso.
Month 9 Heroes Alliance face the menace ofThrawn. (Story:Heroes Alliance #3)
Month 10
Month 11 Heroes Alliance go undercover in Ms Ari's spa to investigate a series of deaths. (Story: Heroes Alliance #4: Skin Deep)
Month 12

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