Heroes Unite Dasien

Makin' this superhero stuff look GOOD!

, or Michelle Knight, is a superhero currently residing in Stratford City.  She is known for wearing her signature red leotard, although she has recently started wearing a black one.  Her best friend and partner is Parker Lynn Bailey, a journalist and investigator.


Dasien's goal in Stratford City is to bring the mysterious crime boss, the Gooch, to justice.

Drawing the ire of the Gooch, Dasien became the target of a superhero exterimination squad known as the Crimson Gestalt, whom she defeated. Two soldiers, Red and Ruby, were killed, and their leader, the maniacal Lord Crimson, was captured.

In Energize and Dasien, Dasien and Energize (Mike) joined forces to intercept a weapons smuggling operation at the docks of New Rossco.

Dasien appeared in  in Heroes Unite #3 EGO, in which she was called upon to help bring down Motherboard.  Seemingly victorious, the team soon discovered that the EGO satellite had taken control of Motherboard.

After the crisis ended, Dasien was asked to become a permanent member, but she left when she found out that Heroes Unite wanted her to help track down the now-fugitive Energize.

Energize visited Dasien on Christmas Eve, following the events of Crossoverkill. Sadly, this was the last time Dasien would see Mike alive, as Mike would be killed while fighting Nemesis the following year.

Distraught over his death, Dasien nearly quit being a superhero until her closest friend Parker Lynn Bailey talked her out of it.


The Omega Corporation hired two brilliant geneticists to create a superior man.  One, Dr. Victor Sorge, was successful, creating a special virus vector that would cause internal physiological changes.  He named the virus "Dasien" (German for 'Presence' or 'Existence').  However, when Dr. Sorge discovered that Omega's plan was to sell the virus to the military he was enraged.  He destroyed his notes , his lab and his home.

He visited his friend, Ray Knight and secretly hid the last trace of the virus by injecting into Knight's infant daughter Michelle without his knowledge.  Then he vanished into the night.

As she grew, Michelle began to exhibit superhuman abilities.  Though initially afraid she'd be treated differently for her powers, Michelle decided she had to use her powers for the greater good and became the superheroine: Dasien.


Super Strength, inhuman speed, endurance and invulnerability.