Dark Beauty is a currently amnesiac superhero from the same alternate dimension as SolarCell.

  • History

A superhero in her own universe, Dark Beauty was an enemy of the villainous Ina (SolarCell).

After a battle with SolarCell which caused massive damage and civilian risk, Voltfor used a particle from beyond the universe to wipe both SolarCell and Dark Beauty's memories and exiled them to the HUniverse.

Dark Beauty and SolarCell fell onto Canadian soil. Wireless tried to help out Dark Beauty but she forcefully pushes Wireless away and ran off into the heavy dense Canadian Forest. A Trickster Villain by the name of Perception, (who also has the unknown particle embedded), Picks up a source of the unknown particle in DarkBeauty's head, and finds Her resting by a small stream. Perception's powers allowed pathways to DarkBeauty's mental history and takes advantage by becoming DarkBeauty's sister. Due to this, DarkBeauty willingly join forces with Perception thinking it is her twin sister Misti.

  • Powers

Dark Beauty possesses powers of super strength, superhuman resilience, flight and blasts of Darkmatter Plasma energy. Her powers were given to her by the Gods to stop Ina and her 5 sisters vile effects on human vices.

  • Appearances

SolarCell: The BBW Hero

Dark beauty3
Art By CD Malcolm Edit

Publication Information

First Appearance SolarCell The BBW Hero on The Duck Webcomics
Owner CD Malcolm
Created By CD Malcolm

Character Information

Real Name Devisha
Given Name Devisha
Hero Name DarkBeauty
Gender Female
Ethnicity Black
Place of birth St. Andrew, Jamaica
Age 20
Eyes Brown/ Light Purple
Hair Brown
Height 5' 10"
Weight Classes 150 lbs.
Team affiliation None

Energy Projection: 5

Intelligence: 4

Strength: 4

Agility: 4

Speed: 5

Durability: 5

Fighting Ability: 4

Mental Power: 7

Stamina: 5

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