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Cricket. Art by MacAttack.

Cricket is an alien from Sectoid 9, a planet made entirely of half insect half human people. She currently works as a bounty hunter of sorts but has often thought of joining up with a hero group.

The character of Cricket was created by Macattack .


When not in her battle armor she looks almost human except for her dragonfly wings (which she can pull into a beetle shell on her back with some effort) her skin has a slight greenish tint, her eyes are yellow and green, she has antennae, and her legs appear to be almost twice as long as she should be.


Cricket was a captain of Sectoid 9, a war planet of insectoids. When their planet was invaded she failed in a duty which she does not like to talk about and was thereby banished from the planet to wander the universe with nothing but a run down freighter and an old obsolete set of Sectoid 9 armor.

Though she has wandered many galaxies, Cricket has found a home on earth finding it both naive and fascinating. She's an honorable girl who always loves a good fight but believes in watching out for those who she's in charge of.


Cricket wears an old obsolete set of Sectoid 9 armor, has extensive battle knowledge, can jump small buildings, can lift 10 times her own weight, can fly, has excelent senses, and is armed with an electrically charged axe with a handle that can extend into a two handed battle axe.


Heroes Alliance Monthly Mayhem: September 2011

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