Bind vs Bombshell

Bind attacking Bombshell. Art by Abt_Nihil.

Bind (Brian Velle) is a villain character created by Ave Messer.

He is a member of the intolerant fundamentalist Christian team called Seraphim.

Bind will throw his weight around in a fight, but never asserts himself to other members of his team. He is an inseparable from his sister, Lash. Their bond may be too close for siblings to have.

History Edit

Bind and Seraphim were amongst a horde of villains hired from multiple dimensions to crash a same-sex wedding taking place in the HUniverse. He was defeated by Bombshell.

Powers Edit

Lash can create mystical ropes out of the air with which he can bind people instantaneously. He is a strong man, but not superhumanly so.

Appearances Edit

Heroes Alliance #7: What you Believe

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