B.A.S.S. is created by Spudsy with a backstory by Nepath

HU Commander2 and B.A.S.S. and Arsenal

B.A.S.S. (left), the Second Heroes Unite Commander, Col. Franklin Lawler (centre), and Arsenal (Right). Art by Nepath.

The Bio-Armoured Super Soldier, B.A.S.S. (Dillion Rogers), was the second member of Frank Lawler's Armoured Soldier program and then a member of the Heroes Unite Initiative.


When the first HU Commander crossed the line and Frank Lawler took command of Heroes Unite to bring her and Nemesis into custody, the new Commander brought in Arsenal and B.A.S.S. from his Armoured Soldier to assist.

During the attempt, B.A.S.S. was brutally murdered by Nemesis in his new identity as Stormfront.


B.A.S.S. wears a suit of exoskeletal armour ("Bio-armoured-Super-Soldier" or "Armoured Soldier Mach II. Its exact capabilities are unknown, but the suit is significantly more advanced than the "Armoured Soldier Mach I" Arsenal Suit (but less so than Arsenal's new "Crescendo" exosuit).

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