Atomico Heromachine reference art


Atomico was originally created in the year 3000 as the newest robot sentry who ran completely on a refined nuclear electric energy. His creator was Japanese American Hiro Nagazumi. He was fashioned with a small electric core that would be charged with nuclear energy. However armed thugs from a group called the "Automatons" attacked his lab with the intent of stealing Atomico for their own purposes ; a strange flux occured in the struggle and Atomico and Hiro were sent into the past into the present year. Now Atomico protects the present era and Hiro works to help benefit mankind in the name of science.


Has boosters in his boots that allow him to travel quickly, has super strength, His arms can elongate to 5 feet, his hands can create a magnetic pull which he can fine tune and suck in any dangerous weapons.

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