Initial periodEdit

In 1968 the Armoured Soldier program was put together to create a battle suit. The $5m project was codenamed "Arsenal" and a selection process took place to find it's pilot.

The two leading candidates were James Tanner and Franklin Lawler. Of the two candidate, Jim Tanner was selected but Frank was given a command position to assist Jim from HQ.


HU Commander2 and B.A.S.S. and Arsenal

Col. Franklin Lawler as temporary HU Commander flanked by B.A.S.S. (left) and Arsenal (original suit) (Right). Art by Nepath.

As the selected candidate, Jim was subjected to an 18 month program of both steroid and surgical enhancements to prepare his body. He was then intergrated with the Arsenal Exosuit and made his debut.

He served as a special operative for the military performing various missions through his 20 year service until he was placed in semi-retirement in 1990.

Bio-Armoured-Super-Soldier (B.A.S.S.)Edit

At this time the Armoured Soldier Program, now headed up by Major Lawler, was developing the 2nd exosuit, this time codenamed "Bio-Armoured-Super-Soldier" They had selected a new 18 year old candidate named, Dillion Rogers, who underwent a similar set of procedures before being integrated with the $500m "living metal" suit.

Calling himself BASS for short, he served under the leadership of Arsenal until in 2000, the Arsenal suit was fully decommissioned and BASS became the programs only soldier.



Arsenal's new "Crescendo" exosuit during The Heroes Unite: Aftermath

In 2007, Colonel Lawler was tasked with overseeing the development of the new Heroes Unite Initiative which delayed the development and funding of the 3rd exosuit, codenamed: "Crescendo"

After the events of Energize: Hunted, with the Arsenal Suit now destroyed and BASS killed in action, Col Lawler rushed forward with the development of the $1bn protoype "Crescendo" armour.

During the events of The New Guard, Jim Tanner makes the urgent decision to use the prototype suit to help defend the earth.

Although he now uses the "Crescendo" suit Jim continues to go by his original codename - "Arsenal".

As of Energize: Black, Jim Tanner has retired from his role of Arsenal, returning to his role as Colonel in the military. Before his retirement, he recruited Titan to take over the Program.

Titan & EnergizeEdit

Before retiring, Jim Tanner made the decision not to expend huge sums of money funding the development of a new Armoured Soldier, and instead recruited the young hero Titan to take his place. Titan herself then recruited the help of Energize (Lucy).

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