Anarch and The Ancient by Abt Nihil

Anarch (left) and The Ancient (right). Art by Abt_Nihil.

Anarch is a supervillain. His goal is to kill any and all forms of higher authority to create his own "perfect" society. He is an elitist, arrogant, power-mad rebel. Anarch was created by Wes_Nero123.


Anarch was last seen working for The Ancient as part of The Ancient's plot to capture heroes to fight in his arena. The captured heroes from the Heroes Unite Initiative (plus Virtus) escaped. Despite a spirited fight, they managed to take Anarch into custody.


Anarch can copy physical attributes with eye contact. He can copy one persons appearance or simply just copy powers/single parts of the body or morph completely into another person complete with any memories and powers, right down to fingerprints. His transformations don't affect his oddly shaped eyes.


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