Amon Set Amun heromachine reference


Amon Set Amun was once an all-powerful priest during the last reigns of Ancient Egypt. While showing himself to be a great advisory to the Pharaoh, he was also secretly plotting to overthrow him, by making a deal with the demon lord Set, who granted him eternal life and the ability to become his avatar, a monstrous wolf-like creature with a snake for a tongue.

The gods heard the plies of their followers, and sent a mysterious warrior to stop him. The warrior defeated Amon and he was then mummified in mystic wraps that would keep him petrified. He was then buried in an ancient tomb and left to rot in eternal slumber.

One day, an archaeology team discovered the strange mummified creature, and read a text upon its tomb that read. "The Warrior hath slain me, but his blood reviveth thee." one of the archaeologist Samantha Phaust accidentally cut herself touching the mysterious ankh attacked to the creatures neck. A few drops of blood entered it's mouth and it returned from its slumber; ready to conquer the present era.

He now calls himself Ophois.


Can turn into a werewolf, immune to guns and bullets (except for silver), can conjure up small snake like demons to fight for him, powers of illusion and mind control.

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